Friday, June 24, 2016

How To Shop Online using Your U.S Virtual Mailbox Address

How To Shop Online using Your U.S Virtual Mailbox Address. Create U.S Mailbox Address and shop eBay, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft Stores. Open U.S Bank Accounts and Apply for Credit cards. is the leading U.S Mail forwarder since 2004, serving clients in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Australia, Europe and Asia. Apply in three easy steps here

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Shop U.S Retailer Using Your Own U.S Mailbox Address

Our Mailboxes are accepted at all major retailers like Amazon, eBay, Apple Stores, Walmart, Sephora, Ralph Lauren and many more. Open A Bank Account in America and get U.S Credit Card today! To get started on creating your own US Street Address Mailbox, click or call, or call (978)851-0199

How To rent U.S Mailbox Address For Mail Forwarding

How To Rent U.S Street Address Mailbox


Monday, August 3, 2015

My Mail Forwarder Announces the Grand Opening of Their Mail Forwarding Division in Boston, MA

"My Mail Forwarder" is the top global provider of international package, mail forwarding and transportation solutions. They are established as a Boston based international shipping company that rapidly evolved into a convenient global brand due to the customized shipping and mail forwarding services they offer. To continue expanding their global brand, they are pleased to announce of the grand opening of their mail forwarding division in Boston, MA.
 The primary aim of is to offer satisfying and hassle free experience to all those people who wanted to deliver and ship items such as mails on time. They wanted to uphold innovative and creative ideas to obtain highest level of customer satisfactions. The grand opening of their international mail and freight forwarding division is a manifestation that the company is continuously making their big impressions on their client’s life towards innovative and high quality mail forwarding and shipping experience.
This grand opening is also a sign of the biggest expansion of the company towards responding to the entire shipping and mail forwarding needs of the people.  They wanted to improve their network at the same time offer their worldwide client’s great value of their money.  That is why; they come up to an idea of driving an expansion that can highly develop their package forwarding and shipping services.
Their forwarding division in Boston, MA is also one way to listen to their clients and develop effective services that address their needs. Since most of the people today are really more on getting in touch with the best and most innovative technology in mail forwarding and shipping processes, they are really interested and excited with this grand opening and launch of
“I am very please to announce today the grand opening of our freight and mail forwarding division here in Boston MA. The warehouse location will allow us to handle all the logistics needs of our International clients, we can store their products and forward later as needed. The eCommerce website will allow our clients to manage their mailbox contents and access their US Mail in real time via our digital US Mail scanning service” Said Mr. Bechat CEO and Founder of My Mail Forwarder at recent press conference at the Hilton Hotel of Boston MA.
The grand opening of My Mail Forwarder is expected to be a success especially to those people who are living in Boston and don’t have the time to drop by the location of other shipping companies far from their area. This is one of the biggest expansions that they couldn’t wait to happen as it paves way for convenient and spectacular shipping and forwarding experience they have not obtained from other companies before.
Read More: My Mail Forwarder Announces the Grand Opening of Their Mail Forwarding Division in Boston, MA

Saturday, July 11, 2015

How To Apply For US Mailbox address For Mail Forwarding Overseas

How To Apply For US Mailbox address For Mail Forwarding Overseas: Step by step guide to getting your U.S Virtual Mailbox Address in three easy steps. Start shopping eBay, Amazon, and over 4 Million US retailers today! Apply here

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How do I shop eBay and Amazon if I live in Nigeria?

How to shop America online stores from Nigeria
Seen any product you like on an American online store? Love to buy a laptop, Ipad, Kindle Fire HD or the latest mobile phones? Want designer wristwatches, wedding rings, original dvds, digital cameras, playstation and so on? Yes, most of these famous products are available online at many US stores and you can get them in Nigeria if you want?

Online shopping is growing in Nigeria
There has been an increase of many Nigerian businesses going online and people are getting used to the idea of shopping online and expecting home deliveries for products. One good thing about how Nigerians shop online is that they make use of cash backed debit cards ratehr than credit cards so there is little worry about overspending beyond your budget on a card.
Shopping on US websites
Nigerians can also start shopping on US stores from Nigeria with the availabilty of Visa and Mastercard debit cards now readily available. With an internet connection, you can browse many online marketplaces, search for products and services and make your order. You can pay for hotel reservations, flight tickets and even order for goods to be shipped to Nigeria.
Problem with shopping from Nigeria at US stores
Due to past issues of fraud coming from Nigeria and other countries, most US stores like Amazon don’t ship many products outside the USA and some territories and that means if you are shopping from Nigeria, you may only get access to only certain goods to Nigeria like dvds, tshirts, vhs tapes and books. However you can overcome that problem if you have a contact in the us who can help you forward the goods to Nigeria.
How to order from US stores from Nigeria
If you plan of doing online shopping from Nigeria and US stores are your target, then you would need the following things:
– A Visa or Mastercard in US dollars
– Internet connection
– A shopping account e.g. With Amazon
– A US shipping address through
So when you have the above mentioned things, you can then browse any website you want and shop
How to ship to Nigeria
Assuming you would like to buy 10 pieces or even a single piece of laptop to Nigeria and bought them from a Toshiba or Sony website, it can be hard since most of those US websites don’t ship to Nigeria but readily offer free shipping within the USA. How do you ship to Nigeria even after you Visa or Mastercard has been processed? Well here is what you can do:
– Get a US mail forwarding address from
– Order for goods and ship to that US address
– Request for shipping to Nigeria and pay for shipping
– Expect delivery in Nigeria within 5 days via DHL or FedEx
Tips for Shipping to Nigeria
– Try to ship per KG rather than small units since you pay a flat fee
– Buy in bulk to reduce shipping costs, ship via Air Cargo at
– Shipping light items are less costly than heavy ones
– Reduce US local shipping cost by buying from a single seller eg. Amazon
– Track your shipping using the courier’s online tracking service

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