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How do I shop eBay and Amazon if I live in Nigeria?

How to shop America online stores from Nigeria
Seen any product you like on an American online store? Love to buy a laptop, Ipad, Kindle Fire HD or the latest mobile phones? Want designer wristwatches, wedding rings, original dvds, digital cameras, playstation and so on? Yes, most of these famous products are available online at many US stores and you can get them in Nigeria if you want?

Online shopping is growing in Nigeria
There has been an increase of many Nigerian businesses going online and people are getting used to the idea of shopping online and expecting home deliveries for products. One good thing about how Nigerians shop online is that they make use of cash backed debit cards ratehr than credit cards so there is little worry about overspending beyond your budget on a card.
Shopping on US websites
Nigerians can also start shopping on US stores from Nigeria with the availabilty of Visa and Mastercard debit cards now readily available. With an internet connection, you can browse many online marketplaces, search for products and services and make your order. You can pay for hotel reservations, flight tickets and even order for goods to be shipped to Nigeria.
Problem with shopping from Nigeria at US stores
Due to past issues of fraud coming from Nigeria and other countries, most US stores like Amazon don’t ship many products outside the USA and some territories and that means if you are shopping from Nigeria, you may only get access to only certain goods to Nigeria like dvds, tshirts, vhs tapes and books. However you can overcome that problem if you have a contact in the us who can help you forward the goods to Nigeria.
How to order from US stores from Nigeria
If you plan of doing online shopping from Nigeria and US stores are your target, then you would need the following things:
– A Visa or Mastercard in US dollars
– Internet connection
– A shopping account e.g. With Amazon
– A US shipping address through
So when you have the above mentioned things, you can then browse any website you want and shop
How to ship to Nigeria
Assuming you would like to buy 10 pieces or even a single piece of laptop to Nigeria and bought them from a Toshiba or Sony website, it can be hard since most of those US websites don’t ship to Nigeria but readily offer free shipping within the USA. How do you ship to Nigeria even after you Visa or Mastercard has been processed? Well here is what you can do:
– Get a US mail forwarding address from
– Order for goods and ship to that US address
– Request for shipping to Nigeria and pay for shipping
– Expect delivery in Nigeria within 5 days via DHL or FedEx
Tips for Shipping to Nigeria
– Try to ship per KG rather than small units since you pay a flat fee
– Buy in bulk to reduce shipping costs, ship via Air Cargo at
– Shipping light items are less costly than heavy ones
– Reduce US local shipping cost by buying from a single seller eg. Amazon
– Track your shipping using the courier’s online tracking service

How To Complete USPS Form 1583

Completing Form 1583

We understand that Form 1583 can be confusing mostly to our International Clients, so here is our guide to completing USPS Form 1583 to activate USPS mailbox:
We list the following information that you need to fill out here. Most are self explanatory.
Box 2: Your full name that this mailbox will be receiving for.

Box 3: Your mailbox address, including the mailbox number that you chose when you signed up with us.

Box 5: Sign this to authorize us to receive restricted delivery mail on your behalf.

Boxes 6-7: The person who is applying for this mailbox. Normally, this is the same as the person who is receiving mail for this mailbox. Be sure to include a phone number where you can be reached.

Box 8: Write down the two IDs that you will use to proof your identity and the ID numbers. One of them must have a photo of you. A list of acceptable IDs are listed at the end of this article.

Box 16: Sign this form.

Optional Business Information
If you are linking a business to your mailbox, fill out Boxes 9-14. Most boxes are self-explanatory except for a few that are clarified below:
Boxes 10a-10e: Your business contact information. You may use your business mailing address or registered agent address as well. Use your home address if it’s a home business. This information is only for us and USPS and is not available to others.

Box 11: What services your business provides, such as “Market Research”, “Consumer Products”, “Clothing”, etc.

Box 12: You can enter each member or employee that will receive mail here. Although names must have verifiable identification, we do not require you to provide separate Form 1583 for each employee unless requested by us.
If you live overseas, you may have difficulty finding a notary. Banks normally provide notary service as well as embassies. US and Non-US notary seals are accepted. If this is not possible, you can also go through a lawyer or a bank official who can sign or stamp an official seal on the form. Government seals are also acceptable. Neighborhood Parcel ( can help Notarize your form 1583, you simply send us two government issued photo IDs and we can complete the form and Notarize it for you.

Friday, August 30, 2013

US Virtual office In Boston MA Virtual Business Mailbox Services

US Virtual Office

Our U.S Virtual Office service is a highly- valuable and affordable choice for non US companies that wish to establish a virtual market presence in Metro Boston Massachusetts. Add the Massachusetts office address to your company’s business cards and corporate website and enjoy the benefits of being perceived as having a Virtual US office. You will notice how your credibility increases during your business development activities. Give your business a professional image and a professional company presence with an unprecedented level of freedom that helps you to focus on growing your business. Our US virtual office services help you to reduce office overhead as a smart alternative to traditional office space and executive suites.

US Virtual office In Boston MA

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Forward Mail and Package to Japan

Mail Forwarding to Japan

Forward Mail and Package to Japan

Mail Forwarding to Japan is easy and simple, we can help you get your own US address and start mail forwarding service right away and for as low as $9.99 / Month! Japan Residents and Businesses can now show eBay, Amazon and over 1 Million US retailers with their own US address, we can collect their merchandise and forward to them in Japan or anywhere in the world! Our Low shipping rates make shopping the US fun and affordable, buy that new ipad2, Iphone or the latest technology and save.
US Mail Forwarding to taiwan starts with an easy three step process, you can get started here, please see guide hereOnce you complete all the steps, we verify information and create your Own US Mailbox for use immediately. The US address will include a PMB number that is dedicated to you and helps us assign the mail and packages to the correct mailbox holder.
Once Customer receive the US mailbox address, they can start using it right away for all their shopping needs on Amazon, eBay, Buy, Coach, Apple and over 1 Million online retailers.Your US address will look like this:
Your Name
262 Middlesex St
PMB JP-xxxxxx
Lowell MA 01852
This address needs to be your ship to address on all your purchases and if you are using an International credit Card, you will need to notify the bank that you have a US address and provide it to them so they can be aware of it. If you are having difficulty buying merchandise from the US, we recommend that you let us help you buy the merchandise through our Personal Shopper Assistance.
Our staff are here 24/7 to answer all your questions, we serve a large community of Japanese residents and businesses and we hope to ad you to that long list. Questions and Answers
Mail Forwarding to Japanese Cities
Tokyo Osaka Kyoto Hiroshima Fukuoka Yokohama Nagoya Kobe Sapporo

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Personal Shopper Assistant

Personal Shopper Assistant

Personal shopper assistant and US concierge service. We will purchase from US and International retailers on your behalf with our Personal Shopper Service company credit card, check or PayPal account. You get the peace of mind and the benefit from our credit card fraud prevention program. We take the risk, make the purchase and forward your goods. (*) Restrictions Apply. From buying US magazines at 60 to 80% off regular prices to goods online, we can make the purchase for you, combine ship it for some of the lowest fees in the country.

Personal shopper service is a great convenience that comes with peace of mind, we do all the work from A to Z. From buying to arranging delivery of your goods. Our Personal shopper service is reliable and economical. 
In today’s business world and personal life, we realize that time is precious and that sometimes, there is no time to dedicate to finding that special gift for that special someone. Don’t worry. Let us take the pressure off of you. Just tell us what you need, how much you would like to spend and we will take it from there. We will do the shopping for you and even have it shipped to over 220 world destinations via a vast network of carriers. If it’s a gift, we can have it wrapped. Whether it is one item or hundreds of gifts for any occasion or holiday, we will take care of it. Our US Personal Shopper has years of experience shopping for businesses and individuals. We are ready to help you make your time a little more flexible.

Is there something special you are looking for that you don't see online? A particular item, or garments from specific designers? Let us do the searching for you! Take advantage of our US concierge service. Be sure to include your size or measurements when appropriate, as well as designer information. We have many items in stock that are not listed, and we will gladly search for you and help you with the purchase.

Personal Shopper Details

Our Personal shopper would like to know the specifics of your items like:
  • Item Name
  • Quantity
  • Item UPC code
  • Item  Size, Weight, Color, Dimensions in US Imperial Units.
  • Item Cpacity in MB, Memory, Speed if applicable
  • Link to Manufacturer or retailer

Commision Rates in USD 

Purchase Price
Money Wire
$1 - $500
$501 - $1000
$1001 - $5000

Personal Shopper

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Can you remove spam and junk mail from my mailbox?

I usually receive a lot of mail but also a lot of junk mail, I dont want to pay postage to forward it overseas, it will add un-needed mail and increase my postage. Can you help me eliminate the spam and junk mail, magazine, catalogs and flyers?

Can you remove spam and junk mail from my mailbox?
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